Culture: Turn back in time and at the same time appreciate the beauty of the old town of Taormina. Today it is all possible!!!

Hotel Villa Riis, infact, is an antique Villa, built in 1884 that has kept intact in time, the characteristics of elegance and refined character of the Barocco Neoclassic style French inspired. Nature, relax and culture are surely the principles of the success of Villa Riis.

Location: The villa is 10 metres from the famous Corso Umberto of Taormina, and as it has been built on a mountain of rocks it extends in depth with a breathtaking view, on the bay of Naxos and the volcano Etna. Its strategic position permits the guests the possibility to reach by foot and in little time the main attractions of the city, the Greek Theatre, il Duomo, Villa comunale, Palazzo Corvaja, Piazza ix Aprile, Palazzo dei duchi di Santo Stefano.

Quality: The hotel has been passed down generation to generation, without ever loosing the tradition of maintaining the importance of hospitality. The furnishings of unimaginable value bring to mind of the guests the sense of enchanted castles. The bilingual staff of the hotel are distinguished by their professionalism and attention to satisfying every need of iguests.

Nature: The tranquil position permits the guests to appreciate the scents of the large pines that make up the thick forests of the Villa. At any time of the day it is possible the make out the typical colours of the pearl of Sicily. The cobalt blue of the sea that creates the extraordinary line that borders with the blue the sky, the sweet sounds of the birds that dominate the garden offer the time to relax, and the pigments of the flowers match with the tiles of real ceramic in the terrace.

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